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Dona by Jo Pheromone Infused Rose Petals

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Surprise your lover with an alluring trail of DONA Rose Petals.

Beckon them into the bedroom with a shower of petals up the stairs and down the hall. Be found and escape together into a romantic fantasy. The key features of the Romance Me Rose Petals add romance to any room, these silky rose petals are reusable for more than one use. 

It’s the smoldering gaze that leaves you both breathless. The sly Mona Lisa smile. The slender finger tracing slow circles in their clothes. It makes their heart pound, their knees weak, while your own body surges with power and confidence. Go on. Bite your lip. Close your eyes just a little. Watch them become yours.

Color: Red or Pink
Ingredients: Reusable silky cloth
Size: .35 oz

Discover your inner beauty and embark on a journey of sensual pleasures with DONA by JO.

This aphrodisiac & pheromone infused collection embodies the elements every woman needs to pamper, entice and play. Our proprietary blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones is specially formulated to enhance your desirability, inspire your flirtatious nature and increase your irresistible prowess in the bedroom. Be beautiful. Be yourself. Be the one they desire.


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