Ginger Lime Pheromone Massage Oil
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Ginger Lime Pheromone Massage Oil

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Aromatic Sensuous Massage Oil

Massage is one of the most intimate and effective ways of de-stressing. A soothing rub-down or a complete massage performed on you by your partner goes a long way in setting the pulse racing. The California Exotic Novelties Pheromone Massage Oil, Ginger/Lime is specially prepared sensuous massage oil for intense, intimate moments of pleasure between you and your partner. The oil with its exotic, sensual aroma will completely relax you and helps in creating the ambience for passion-filled intimate moments.

  • Aromatic sensual massage oil
  • Ginger/Lime based for effective de-stressing
  • Formulated with Pheromone for enhanced sex appeal

This sensual massage oil is made from completely natural ingredients. Use this mood enhancing, de-stressing massage oil for intense, passion-filled moments with your partner.

A Closer Look: It contains Pheromone, which is a chemical known for its stimulating powers. It enhances the sexual appeal and helps create blissful, intimate setting for passion-filled, pleasure moments. 


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