Nurse Ophelia Payne

Nurse Ophelia Payne

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Ophelia Payne is the best Nurse there is. She's sweet, gentle and identifies with your ailments. Best of all, she really knows how to cure you with puckered lips and--maybe--a gentle kiss. Patient need to know how to treat this Hot Nurse to get the most out of her services. Ophelia heals wearing a skimpy dress and high heels. What more could a sick patient ask for-

The Ophelia Payne Women's Sexy Nurse Costume comes with a very Sexy Mini Dress that helps you nurse your patients back to health without the medical knowledge. The Costume is complemented with a nurse cap with a medical cross that confirms the professional status of this RN. You can get the Ophelia Payne Nurse Costume in Women's Sizes Small(2-6) and Medium(6-10).

Nurse Ophelia asks that you get your own stockings and notepad because they are not included in the purchase.



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